About Single Track Spirits

The seeds of Single Track Spirits were planted at a whiskey festival in 2006. Showcased at the festival was a refurbished horse-drawn still that had originally been used in France. The cart had been pulled from farm to farm, distilling the farmers’ fruits, which they relinquished in return for a share of the still’s product. Single Track’s founder, Tom Pettinger, has experimented with fermentation since the 1980s and was inspired by this contraption to begin a similarly locally driven distilling venture.

The Single Track Spirits distillery was begun in 2011 with the goal of producing quality products at a local level. Single Track Wheat Whiskey is made from 93% wheat and 7% barley, grown in Wyoming's Big Horn Basin. The whiskey is aged in new 53 gallon charred oak barrels. These barrels take a little over 2 runs of the 250 gallon copper pot still to fill. Batch 3, the most recent release of Single Track Wheat Whiskey, was aged 43 months and is the smoothest and most complex batch yet! Future pours may feature a single varietal ancient grain wheat whiskey grown on-site that identifies with Forkwood & Abo, the predominant soil types here on our Sage Creek farm. A rye whiskey and a gin or absinthe using locally foraged/grown botanicals are also long term possibilities.

I believe that a product should speak for itself, being passed from person to person because of its own merits, not through contrived marketing schemes. Single Track whiskey is a part of a vision in which local enterprises, from distilleries to machine shops to eateries are part of a self-sustaining community that is independent of multinational corporations and unsustainable industries. Rather than marketing to people to buy product for me to make money, I'd rather market to them the idea that their purchasing power is what makes the real difference- it can change the world!

The Single Track Spirits distillery is located in Cody, Wyoming along Sage Creek, a small stream that meanders its way out of the Absaroka Mountains and into the high desert of the Big Horn Basin. The sagebrush and sandstone studded ridges surrounding Cody are interlaced with winding stock and game trails frequented by mountain bikers and others. These paths (coincidentally bike-width) are also known amongst outdoor folks by another name: single track. It is from this landscape Single Track Spirits was born. This is just my take on things; of course we all make many single tracks as we pass; perhaps it's time to make yours!

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Questions about Single Track Spirits? We are always happy to talk about whiskey (or mountain biking). Please send an email to Tom [AT] Singletrackspirits [dot] com and we will be in touch as soon as possible.