Single Track Spirits Wheat Whiskey: Hand distilled from local grains in Cody, Wyoming

Single Track Spirits Wheat Whiskey, Batch 3

The cold of night and the heat of fire meet on the skin. Crisp air is drawn into the nostrils carrying a hint of woodsmoke. Sparks join billions of stars in the dark sky. A sip of whiskey reconciles the disparate sensations. At the end of the singletrack, the rendezvous is complete.

Nestled between sagebrush-dotted sandstone ridges and a cottonwood-lined creek bottom on the western edge of the Bighorn Basin, lies a small ranch. Tom Pettinger started his distillery here in 2011 naming it Single Track Spirits, a combination of his passions for fine whiskey and riding bikes in Wyoming’s inspiring landscapes. A refurbished 1925 log barn houses a copper pot still and 53-gallon barrels of hand-crafted whiskey. Tom is devoted to promoting local and sustainable agriculture and business in the community, crafting his signature wheat whiskey out of grains grown less than 30 miles away. The just released Batch 3 of Single Track Wheat Whiskey has been aged 43 months in charred oak barrels, further refining the smoothness and complexity that are the hallmark of earlier batches. Single Track Wheat Whiskey is best enjoyed after a long ride, in the company of good food, good friends, and great views!