Single Track Spirits Media Highlights & Reviews

"The whiskey boasts excellent smoothness and strong caramel flavor with hints of floral and a sweetness that belies its alcohol content, making this a perfect, flavorful sipping whiskey neat or on the rocks any time of year."

The Dirt Readings: Single Track Spirits. Chris "Bama" Milucky and Mike Cushionberry, Dirt Rag Magazine #190


"This is a skillfully made whiskey that balances complexity with drinkability. I often don’t care for high-proof whiskeys, but this one is supremely pleasant. The flavor profile calls to mind a stack of warm buckwheat pancakes drenched in wildflower honey, and it’s hard not to envision eating those pancakes on a sunny spring morning; to put it simply, this whiskey makes me happy."

Whiskey Review: Single Track Spirits Wheat Whiskey. Katelyn Best, The Whiskey Wash, February 23, 2016.


"Flavors of fresh baked bread, caramel and toast. There is a hint of honey and a subtle sweetness in the finish. A very complex whiskey, and very smooth. Prior to this bottle I had never tried a wheat whiskey. I liked it so much I have since sampled a few, only to realize this one is special and not at all like the others, and so much better.

"This special artisan product is bottled at cask strength, much stronger than those water diluted standardized products that dominate the market, so I enjoy it with a splash of water on ice. It is not a whiskey for cocktails; leave that to the bland mass produced stuff. The flavors of Single Track Wheat Whiskey are so prominant and lovely that it is best savored on it's own, slowly."

Dayna Burgeson, The California Mediterranean Diet (blog)


"The whiskey will be bottled at cask strength (115 proof) and is smooth with nutty, honey flavors and floral tones on the nose and back of the palette. It is very fine."

Single Track Spirits, Cody Wyoming Is Ready To Release Its First Batch Of Whiskey! Whiskey Intelligence, March 2014


"Cody wheat whiskey now on sale statewide." Chris Frost, Cody Enterprise, May 23, 2014


"This past week I took a trip out to Jackson Hole and fell in love with your wheat whisky. I am truly stunned at the quality of your product at such a youthful age."

Ted Walsh, Father's Office, Santa Monica, CA.

"I really enjoyed your whiskey and ordered two bottles from Bottled Wyoming. I’m looking forward to sharing these with my whiskey loving friends in Taiwan."

Stanley Song