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What We Do

Born from a love of whiskey and a dedication to the Wyoming outdoors, Single Track crafts its signature small-batch wheat whiskey with community-sourced grains and water from alpine snowmelt. Our process uses a Vendome copper pot still and charred oak barrels, all while incorporating our agricultural and small business neighbors as much as possible. We’re a bit partial, but we think the best time to enjoy our whiskeys is after spending some time outside in the great state of WYO.


Our Products

Our small-batch wheat & rye whiskeys are aged for 15 to 60+ months in 53-gallon charred oak barrels. That means we pour some extra TLC into each batch, ensuring we get the best tasting notes in every sip. Once it’s aged to perfection, it’s your turn to enjoy the one-of-a-kind release.


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How to Order

Single Track Whiskeys are currently only available for purchase through Wyoming Liquor Retailers. If you are a Wyoming Liquor Retailer, our whiskeys are available for special order through the Wyoming Liquor Division. For pricing, availability, and shipping schedules, email


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